Cure low testosterone

Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the essential hormones that is produced in adrenal glands of both sexes and in testes of males. This is completely dependable for maintenance and formation of
male sex along with muscle development and large bones.

Hormones control this testosterone, which is released from brain. Generally in males, testosterone
increases due to hypothalamus and pituitary glands present in brain at the time
of puberty.

Testosterone helps to build man’s muscles, increase the penis size and testes and also deepens the voice. In adult men, testosterone is totally responsible for muscle growth and strong bones and
also responsible for desire in sex.

But this testosterone level also reduces many times which cause several issues in the life of men. This is called as low testosterone, which is known as abnormal level of hormone. The normal range should be between 270-1070 ng/dl but below 300 ng/dl is considered as low testosterone.

This term is also known as hypogonadism and testosterone deficiency. Nowadays more and more men suffering from low testosterone and the reasons are several. This T level generally reduces as men grows old and it starts as men reaches the age of 30.

Causes of Low Testosterone

There are several reasons which
can lead to low testosterone. This may occur to any men who suffers from:

  • Diabetes
    Hormonal disorders
  • Obesity
    Due to medications
  • Chronic medical conditions like kidney disease
    or liver problem
    Due to infections

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Well it is very important to know the symptoms which can lead to reduce in testosterone level. They are

  • Changes in sperm count or infertility
    Physical changes like increase body fat and less muscle
  • Emotional changes like depression or reduced
    Changes in sleep pattern like sleep disturbance or insomnia
  • Sexual changes like sexual dysfunction,
    infertility or less sex drive
    Reduced muscle mass and strength

Types of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone or hypogonadism is categorized in two types, which are primary and secondary.

Primary testosterone

refers to failure of organs, which produces testosterone like testes and
ovaries. This is caused when there is injury in testicles

Secondary testosterone

condition is related to pituitary gland that regulates testosterone where as
tertiary low-T is related to hypothalamus

When to look for medical care for low T

When you come to know that you are suffering from low t and not able to build muscle mass or having some other problem or when they notice some of the symptoms in them which are mentioned above, then they should seek medical care. Because the symptoms are related to low testosterone.

Even those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, they should immediately go for medical care, as this is a worse case and should not sit for any magic to happen

When you go to a doctor for diagnosis then he/she checks the history of signs and symptoms along with physical examinations. After that a simple blood test is conducted which can detect testosterone levels and after that you can come to know about the level.

If the value is below normal then further tests are done to know the causes. These tests may include many like semen analysis, hormone testing, testicular biopsy, genetic studies and pituitary imaging. However
many blood tests measurements are done in morning because in the morning time, the testosterone production is in high level.